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What is WkTASK?

WkTASK shares features of both Task Manager and Program Launcher for Windows Mobile. You can switch all running programs smoothly like desktop Windows, and launch applications easily. Not only stylus operation but also key operation is available. Although the look & feel closely matches the theme color and make the 3D gradation, its CPU and memory usage are low.


To install WkTASK, click the CAB archive downloaded with File Explorer on your device, and choose 'Device' as a location to install. After the installation, WkTASK starts when you click the WkTASK's icon on the 'Program' view. To run automatically, tap&hold X button, select Preferences->Startup, and then click 'Enable' button.

You may need the settings for adjusting the display brightness, if the function doesn't work well. Please check Preferences->Backlight.


X button

Using the X button, you can use some actions as follows:

*1:You can change 'really close' to 'do not close' using specific window settings. Some applications (for example, Phone, Programs, and other system applications) are 'do not close' from the start because closing them have adverse affect on your device. If you would like to hide them on the Task-list, please see specific window settings.


Using the upper bar, you can watch, switch, close and force termination running programs.

To exclude a task from the Task-list, tap&hold it and select 'Hide'.

If you want to move/resize it, tap&drag the edge quickly before showing a menu or adjust values in Preference->General1->Offsets.

Specific Window Settings

To configure a specific window settings of each window, tap&hold the window on the Task-list, or activate the window and tap&hold X button. You can configure them as follows:

To change the way of evalutions for excluded windows, see Preferences->Excluded and edit it. You need to edit settings of windows transforming titles or classnames(For example, 'Opera' transform its title.) To exclude such a window, make the transforming value empty.


You can use some actions using stylus gestures. It becomes enable that you tap&drag from X button to some directions beyond 1/5 screen distance.

DownMinimize a front window
LeftShow Today

Application Launcher

To shift the Launcher mode, there are some ways as follows:

To allocate applications to the launcher, see Preferences->Launcher.

Key operation (easy to select a task and launch applications using keys)

To shift the Key operation mode, double-execute WkTask.exe or WkTaskCmd.exe (recommended because of smaller size) with non-parameters.

I recommend to allocate WkTaskCmd.exe to a Hardware-button using ControlPanel.

Left/RightMove focus
Action or EnterSwitch to the focused task
DownShow a menu for the focused task
BackspaceClose the focused task
UpShow the Launcher
Right-SoftShow a menu for a front window
Left-SoftShow Today
OthersLaunch allocated applications

Start Options

Using double-executing WkTask.exe or WkTaskCmd.exe with start options, you can use some actions as follows:

/nShift to the Key operation mode and move focus to the next task
/fSwitch to the next task (like Alt+Tab)
/cClose a front window
/xClose a front window (ignored its specific window settings)
/aClose all tasks on the Task-list
/iMinimize a front window
/dShow Today
/mShow a menu for a front window
/tBacklight off
/bShow the Brightness/Volume control window
/lShow the Launcher

To close all ignored their specific window settings, combine '/a' and '/x'.


WkTASK save all settings to the registry key as follows:



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