Task Manager and Program Launcher for Windows Mobile 2003/5/6
Supported 24 languages

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What is WkTASK?
WkTASK shares features of both Task Manager and Program Launcher for Windows Mobile. You can switch all running programs smoothly like desktop Windows, and launch applications easily. Not only stylus operation but also key operation is available. Although the look & feel closely matches the theme color and make the 3D gradation, its CPU and memory usage are low.
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Fig 1: The Part names

Fig 2: The Program Launcher

Fig 3: The Brightness and Volume controller

Fig 4: Stylus gestures

Fig 5: Language Switching

Fig 6: WkTASK lang-packs


Metallic 7-Color Skins buttons_aqua.zip

Like Windows XP (bundled in the cab)

Q. I want to move and resize the Task-list.
A. To move and resize it, tap&drag the edge or adjust values in Preference->General1->Offsets. (Note: Removed a feature to move it using drag on ver. and over.)

Q. I cannot see any directories except "My Documents" to configure the skins and launcher.
A. It is a bad culture of Window Mobile and Pocket PC. To see all directories, install FileDialogChanger and gsgetfile for international(direct link).

Q. I would like to translate WkTASK to my native language.
A. Thank you for your help. In WkTASK ver. later, I introduced a new scheme to apply your localization easily on your device without creating MUI files.
The new templates of the scheme are wktm_LangName.lng for WkTask's main program and wkts_LangName.lng for WkTask's settings, which need to be encoded by UTF-8. (Updated on November 24)

There are some important control codes in the templates. '%s' is a letter string replaced by filename or window title during execution, '\n' is a line feed code, and '{' and '}' are respectively the beginning and end of a group, which you must not delete them. On the other hand, '&' is an access key which you can delete if you don't need it. To add your LNG files to WkTASK, copy them into WkTASK's folder on your device. So you can check your translations on yourself before sending me them. After your checking, please send me them.


I've been receiving a lot of mails. Sorry for the late replies because I'm only one person and too busy.
For that reason, I cannot receive any more requests except for bug reports and so on...

Mainly Update History
December 12, 2008
  Fixed a bug that 'About' sheet disappears in the settings.

December 11, 2008
  Fixed a fatal bug that wktask cannot start-up when apps are put in the launcher on some devices.

October 29, 2008
  Added a feature that all the manipulations become invalid on the password screen
  Fixed a bug that the left channel's volume disappears after changing the volume
  Fixed a bug that an error occurs when it is uninstalled on some devices
  Fixed a bug that an application is not added correctly by tap&holding a empty box in the launcher
  Fixed a color matching algorithm
  Fixed that icons registed on the 1st page of the launcher are loaded in advance
  Fixed some bugs for Sharp W-ZERO3 series

December 2, 2007
  Changed to separately show tasks of poutlook.exe (Calendar, Task and Contact apps)
  Improved the algorithm to evaluate tasks
  Improved switching speed of tasks
  Adjusted caption color of inactive tasks
  Added some backlight parameters and fixed the way to control brightness
  Added a shortcut to execute the launcher into the Start menu
  Changed an icon of WkTaskCmd.exe
  Fixed a bug to display incorrect kind of X/Ok buttons in rare cases
  Fixed a bug to indicate a different cursor on the launcher in spots
  Removed a feature to move the Task-list using stylus drag

November 24, 2007
  Added a battery gauge on the upper bar
  (All contributors to the development can customize the color gradation like this.)
  Added an option to switch the presented type of the task-list (Default: PC style)
  Added an option that the task-list always shows up (Default: always show up)
  Changed the display method of captions of inactive tasks into the semi-transparent one
  Improved the response of closing tasks
  Fixed some little bugs

November 15, 2007
  Fixed a bug that the 3D gradation mode does not work
  Fixed a bug that an error occurs on some devices, when you tap&hold on the free space of the task-list

  Added a feature to show only icons on the task-list, when at least one of the following conditions is satisfied.
 * In the portrait-mode
 * The task-list has only one task
 * The font-height of window titles is set to 0
   (When the task-list has only one task and the task is active, its caption is showed next to the icon.)
  Improved the gradation of the task-list, which blends in all the theme colors you use
   (To fit in the theme, please uncheck 'Force 3D design even if flat theme' and 'Use Custom Color Settings'.)
  Fixed size of an arrow icon on the task-list
  Fixed an algorithm to resize the task-list
  Added a shortcut in the startup folder automatically when installed
  Removed an option to animate the task-list
  Fixed a bug that long filenames are not completely saved on the specific window settings
  Fixed a bug not to show a dialog of edit/add an application when you tap&hold on the launcher
  Fixed a bug that the key-operation mode does not quit when you press the Ok button(hardware)

November 11, 2007
  Added a function to choose actions when you tap or drag on X/Ok buttons
  Added an option to configure font-height of window titles
  Increased speed of drawing the task switching
  Enhanced the stability

November 5, 2007
  Supported a new multilanguage system WITHOUT using MUI files
  Added an option to switch lanuguages on the 'About' tab
  Fixed a bug that you cannot add applications to the launcher using tap&hold on it
  Fixed a problem to waste memory on the launcher
  Fixed an algorithm to evaluate running tasks
  Fixed layout in the settings
  Fixed the colors on the brightness/volume controller
  Fixed a bug to set incorrect default skins on QVGA devices

October 28, 2007
  Fixed a bug to show incorrect app-names in the launcher mode

  Updated the program launcher that you can flip a page using RIGHT softkey in the mode
  (That becomes enable if the launcher doesn't have enough space to show all apps.)
  Added new option that the Key-operation mode doesn't quit after a task is closed by BS key
  Fixed a bug that an 'Offset from the left edge' is not updated in real time
  Fixed usability when you add apps to the launcher (set unused keys automatically)

October 22, 2007
  Fixed a bug that an area at the corner isn't drawn only initially when you use skins
  Fixed a bug not to change order of apps in the launcher settings
  Fixed a bug not to be immediately apply skin settings
  Fixed a bug that the device hangs up when you install WkTASK without exiting previous WkTASK
  (But you must exit running WkTASK to update it from version
  because that'll be enable when you install the next version.)
  Added a function that you can add/edit apps by tap&holding boxes on the Launcher
  Fixed some little bugs

October 20, 2007
  Fixed a bug that X button continues to be pressed in rare cases when you use skins
  Fixed some spelling mistakes
  Added an option to animate birth and death of a task
  Fixed responses of switching tasks
  Fixed an algorithm to evaluate running tasks
  Reduced memory usage on the Key operation mode
  Fixed a bug to waste memories when double-execute
  Fixed a bug that long filenames are not completely saved on the specific window settings

October 16, 2007
version beta5
  Made the font in the Task-list smaller than past versions
  Adjusted margins at the Task-list's icons again
  Fixed the movement of the focus in the Launcher when you press keys at the corner
  Enhanced the stability

October 15, 2007
version beta4
  Adjusted margins at the Task-list's icons when the buttons don't show the captions
  Fixed a bug that the skin setting is not saved on QVGA devices in ver.

October 14, 2007
version beta2
  Fixed a bug to close Windows Media Player
version beta
  Fixed a fatal bug on ver.
  The CPU usage gets closer to 0% at normal times
  Added a setting not to use skin file of X/OK buttons
  Combined skin settings for VGA and QVGA
  Fixed a bug to sometimes misalign a focused field in the Key operation mode
  Fixed an algorithm to close OK button
  Added a feature to show the 'Clock' icon on the Task-list
  Adjusted the space between the icon and caption on the Task-list
  Moved some skin files to 'My Documents\WkTASK Skins'

October 6, 2007
  Added an English documentation
  Added specific parameters to adjust brightness
  Fixed code to apply brightness (Thanks crino!)
  Added a button to check for the update on Preferences->About
  Added a button to initialize options of skins
  Added an action that a foreground window is minimized if you click it on the Task-list
  Changed an appearance of Brightness/Volume control window
  Added a function to connect network only (non-toggle)
  Fixed a bug that '#' and '*' buttons don't work on the launcher

October 1, 2007
  Fixed my bad translation by referring threads posted in forum.xda-developers.com
  (I'm most grateful to 'chaimd', 'th_undead' and many others for their efforts
  Fixed a bug that different applications are launched rarely on the launcher
  Fixed a bug that you cannot select some links in a dialog selecting a program of Start menu
  Fixed a bug that crashes a string of 'Setting for' menu

September 30, 2007
  Fixed a small bug
  The first release of English version

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  Japanese version only
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